The Singularity of Womanness // The Social Construct of Gender

Exploring “new” concepts. Of course they are not new, but I am in a place where I feel that I can examine them out loud now.

The debilitating singularity of womanness

this concept of womanness can be explored further through these definitions:

  • Womanly, womanlike, womanish mean having the traits or qualities that a culture regards as especially characteristic of or ideally appropriate to adult women. Womanly is usually a term of approval, suggesting the display of traits admired by the society, such as self-possession, modesty, motherliness, and calm competence: a womanly consideration for others; with womanly skill and efficiency. Womanlike may be a neutral synonym for womanly, or it may suggest mild disapproval: a womanlike dignity; womanlike tears and recriminations. Womanish is usually disparaging; applied to women it suggests traits not generally socially approved: a womanish petulance; womanish disregard for the rules. Applied to men it suggests traits culturally deemed inappropriate for men and (in what is now often regarded as a sexist notion) to be found in women: a womanish shrillness in his speech; a womanish way of stamping his foot in anger. ( Unabridged - Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019)

These attributes of being womanly, womanlike or womanish demonstrate a singular plane in which a woman may exist.

These attributes define an acceptable, desirable, successful concept of what a woman should be.


… so much more to think about.

It's exciting to see something you worked on out in the world.

Here's ad for Gravely that I put together utilizing a render from the team and some stock photography.

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